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Top 5 facts about the Republic Day you didn’t know.

Republic day today may have become nothing more than one more day when we can sleep late and it would have come as a huge disappointment for a lot of us to know that Republic day has come on a Sunday this year. But JAM brings to you top five facts about Republic Day that we can bet you didn’t ...

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The Judiciary is Independent, But Are We?

The newspapers and social networking sites are overflowing with criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision in Suresh Kumar Koushal & Another v. NAZ Foundation & Others, which has upheld the constitutional validity of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and upheld the illegality of homosexual intercourse. I am reminded an incident which took place in my first year of law ...

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What Article 377 means and why are we angry about rights

In the world’s largest democracy and second most populated country, where we talk about advancement of the generation, uplifting marginalised of the society, of equality, and freedom of expression and where we also have discrimination against the sexual minorities. On 11th December, 2013, Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Delhi high court making homosexuality a criminal act. Gay sex is ...

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5 Facts about Malala that make her what she is

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher had perhaps foretold the recent plight of Pakistani children back in the 300 BC. Here are some very interesting facts about Malala, the sate of education in Pakistan and of girls in the Swat Valley. 1. Constitution of Pakistan obligates the state to provide free and ...

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