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To Delhi, with love, Iran

Delhi University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world for graduation has always had students coming from far off states of India. The university’s seats being the most coveted, has always held its gates wide open for people who come to “Dilwaalo ki Dilli” dreaming big. And what is even more heartening is that there are people from ...

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How to Lose Weight in Ten Days

Gavin Pereira has discovered the most effective way invented by man to lose those extra pounds… Liposuction, water therapy, homeopathy, and other new formulae promise to give you that perfect figure you’ve always yearned for. Yet somehow they never completely match up to your expectations. Three years ago, I discovered this ingenious formula for weight loss. A formula so effective ...

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Hari Chakyar describes all the fun he has with his pet cockroaches I am changing into a nocturnal animal gradually from the early bird I used to be. Ech, I hate worms. Say hi to Mr. Owl here. I sleep at 2 every morning after regular doses of the net, TV and books (sad indeed that books are last in ...

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Minority quotas – major issue!

Backwardness has nothing to do with it – if you are minority of some kind – admissions just got that much easier for you! – Aaishwari Chouhan Reservations have been the talk of the town and I have my own experience with the R word to share. The moment I saw the list of the short listed candidates after the ...

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