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10 types of teachers found in almost every school or college


1.The sweet understanding teacher (who gives attendance even when we bunk) 2. The bitchy teacher who doesnÔÇÖt even consider you in the class , though you spent like 50 mins of your life hearing her. 3. ┬áThe Extremely Old Teacher.┬áThis teacher is ancient.(the old swag) will also teach whatever comes in his mind NO MATTER which subject he needs to ...

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JAM’s in-depth rating of top coaching classes.

After the unprecedented success of our call centre ratings, we felt the need to apply a measuring stick to coaching classes and tutorials. A decade ago, coaching classes were meant for weaker students with difficulties in particular subjects. Today, enrolling in a coaching class makes one part of an upward trend helped by the mushrooming of coaching classes all over ...

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JAM Editors Bring You The Career Special June


This week we bring you JAM’s Specials on Careers and Entrance Exams So you aim for a 90%+ in the 12th boards. And you’re still confused what to do? Doctor? Engineer? MBA? Or Media professional? Which exam to prepare for, coaching classes to take. What are you going to do in life after you become one? You are guessing. Nothing ...

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Bhola’s Classes, Mumbai

Branch Manager He does nothing but sit in his A.C office all day. The only time he comes out is to yell. His hobbies include confiscating I-Cards and threatening the students. Tip: If he takes your I-Card, go to his office and start speaking to him in English real fast. He`ll give it back. Mr Kandhani Saphalta Ki Safari Always ...

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