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5 Unconventional Ideas for a Date

Flowers, candles, chocolates: that’s the usual drill for dates, right? But all these typical things at times become too clichéd.  Want to do something special instead? Read on these 5 unconventional date ideas:   Starbucks, Barista and CCD are probably earning most of their business from the people in love. You can spot a couple on every other table chatting ...

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Jobs and scope in food technology.

Chocolates, ice cream, pizza, noodles, samosas, dosas, juices and colas all are products of the Indian food industry. It’s not just restaurant chefs, but also the food technologists who run this industry. Food is a science. In fact a highly developed one, that is based on the fundamentals of biochemistry, physical sciences, chemistry and engineering. Technologists help to make the ...

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5 things not to do if you have the hots for her

I know, I know. You have the hots for the girl. And it’s the ever mushy Valentine’s around and you don’t really appreciate Cupid ignoring you this time too. JAM to your rescue! And it’s okay, don’t thank us. We believe in social service. 😛 Well there are way too many “To do” lists doing the rounds already on how ...

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Things about having a Sibling.

Getting a choke slam and loving it 1) You had to cut your hair because he put chewing gum in it 2) You had to use his old things all the time 3) You always wanted his new toys more than yours 4) You loved beating the shit out of each other for the most trivial things 5) You always ...

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