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Social life of a post grad in Melbourne – friends, food, hard work..

The social life of post graduates comes down to two student types – the well-to-do happy-go-lucky types and the ones who have to work hard to make it big. The first types are the rich, financially secure students whose course fees and other expenses are looked after by their elite parents. The second group are middle-class students who have no ...

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Why are the IITs Losing their Global Ranking

I am a graduate from IIT Kanpur. Every year whenever the world college rankings are announced, I carefully scan those in order to know the current ranking of my college, also in a hope that someday I’ll see it at the top. But to my surprise, my college is losing its ranking year by year. I studied so hard that ...

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Flight MH370, is now ready for departure.

MH 370 tribute

The last announcement heard by the passengers and their relatives, in a hope to reach safely to their destination. But destiny and circle of life had other vicious plans. The plane was consumed by rapid waves on the Indian Ocean and will forever lie in the depths of the sea bed. One of the most shocking and perplexing incidents of ...

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