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For the love of food

Food is there anything else that can make you feel the way good food does? You’ve had a rough day, and you open your tiffin. 1.) A piece of cake. The relief, The happiness, just knowing that soft, rich taste, sweet, spongy, it makes you day a little better. 2.) Salad and French beans. You know the feeling. AAARGHHH!!!!! Food ...

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5 Things to follow on Public Transport Buses!

What are the things which move in your mind when you hear about public transport buses? Deluxe! Cheap! Comfortable! Naah! Actually the things which seem to be running in our mind after hearing about buses are : compact, crowd, sweet ladies, slaps and undoubtedly swindler or pickpockets. Travelling in a public transport bus is becoming almost a part of our ...

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