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Auto Vibrate

One day at the massage parlour… A scientific study conducted in the US has found that whole-body vibrations can be as beneficial as exercising. Which comes as a great relief to us commuters in Mumbai. Now we can forget about exercising daily — and simply take an auto-rickshaw ride on our rutted, pot-holed, body-and-bone shaking roads! Text: Subroto, Cartoon: Himanshu

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The Universe that Chacha Chaudhri left behind

I have had an interesting childhood. Having never been intrigued by sports overmuch (partly because I wasnÔÇÖt good at anything), I used to vicariously lead the life of superheroes, local as well as of phoren import, fighting their battles, facing their dilemmas, adoring their love-interests (ShaktimaanÔÇÖs Geeta, the feisty reporter comes to oneÔÇÖs mind), and saving the world, always in ...

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