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Why India needs feminism

Lately feminism has turned into a negative word and it has weirdly enough┬ábecome somewhat synonymous with hating men, but that’s not what feminism is. Feminism in it’s entirety means “equal rights for women and men, equal status, rights and opportunities for both the genders.” And feminism doesn’t just affect women, it affects men too. Not just India, but the world ...

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Top facts about GD Naidu- the Edison of India.

gd naidu

Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu AKA GD Naidu was one of  India’s great Engineers and Inventors. He could have been the Edison of India for his profound contribution in the field of electrical, mechanical and especially automobile engineering. Today, March 23 is his birthday. *He dropped out of his school during is his 4th standard. He bought a British motorcycle after saving money ...

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