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Politics decoded

India is a land of diverse cultures, unity in diversity we call it. As fascinating it is on an artistic and heritage level, it is equally contagious when it comes down to a political scenario. As far as I can see the political mayhem in India can never be resolved under all the candidatures for governance of India. As of ...

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16% Candidates in Delhi have declared Criminal cases

ADR Association for Democratic Reforms is India’s independent elections watchdog. They fought long hard battles for one cause – to clean up politics, to keep criminals out. By exposing them through a simple process of law. Every candidate whether a criminal or clean, files a sworn affidavit before the election commission, in which he/she has to declare his/her criminal record, their wealth, education and things which ...

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Is Being anti-Modi pro-Congress and vice-versa?

With the 2014 Elections coming up, there is a lot of debate around the front-running Prime Ministerial candidates. The two political fronts the UPA and NDA have begun their nasty verbal bouts. Some of the venom spewing on TV and in rallies often looks staged and hence has gotten monotonous even for the drama – seeking public. Most individuals at ...

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