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Unhappy with your IB results? Need a preparatory course in UK, Canada or Europe? Apply now!

Are you unhappy with your IB results?Need a preparatory course or foundation course​ in UK, Canada or Europe​? Or if you know of anyone who would, get in touch with us now as time is running out. Do not be disheartened, we have got your back. You can apply for preparatory courses and foundation courses for September 2018 intake or ...

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Your search for a Masters or MBA programme abroad ends here

A large majority of the students in India are enrolled in bachelor degree program like the B.A, B.COM, BMS, BBA degrees. A bachelor degree from India even in the commerce or business streams has little value in the job market. Whereas a  masters degree from abroad can make a huge difference to your career. Further if you graduate in Master from ...

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Brain Drain – Unpatriotic, but its for my Survival.

Onions Rs 80 per kg, Petrol Rs 80 per litre and the inflation continues. It’s a night mare for the middle class people of India they say, but I believe it’s a more cruel reality for budding professionals like us. I had recently completed my Bachelors in Engineering in Instrumentation and have just stepped into the job market. I got ...

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Movies; Jatt and Juliet (2) is an underrated movie

This Romance-Comedy, we rate as the most underrated movie running. Don’t miss it! This Punjabi film’s cast includes Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru  Bajwa, Rana Ranbir. The film is a  love story about two opposite individuals. Well don’t we love Rom-coms. Jatt, a mischievous Punjabi guy and  Juliet, a modern Canadian girl when meet differ on opinions and this leads to  sparks ...

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