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Status: In a relationship, with self.

And you shed countless tears, got your heart broken over and over, vowing never to go down that line again and yet, ended up falling for someone, not losing hope in love, only to feel lost and low at the end of the day. Probably because, while you were busy searching for love, yearning for someone’s warm words and embrace, ...

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How To Become A Billionaire By Selling Nothing: Book Review

Whoa! Did I read the title correct? Sell “Nothing”? Definitely the name caught my imagination sooner than I’d thought. How To Become A Billionaire By Selling Nothing (HTBABBSN) is a piece of beauty by Aditya Magal aka the Fake Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Try googling this name and you’ll find a Wikipedia page stating RJ is an equity investor in India, who manages ...

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Do you have a Bloody Good Book in you?

An invitation to first time authors by Rashmi Bansal Many of you write to me, asking for advice on how to get published. Often you say, “I have a manuscript but I don’t know who to send it to.” Or, “I have sent my manuscript to 5 publishers but there is no response.” At these times, I remember how lucky ...

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Amreekan Desi – you can’t take ‘India out of the Indian’

Amreeka! It’s every Indian’s fantasy to live the American Dream, or should we say, the Amreekan dream. Atulya Mahajan does far more than to just paint a picture of US-of-A, its culture and the people. While everybody else in their book are busy milking the “Engineering experiences in India” cow, for his maiden book, Atulya has weaved a story on ...

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Book review- And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini, the celebrated Afghan-American author of “The Kite runner” and “A thousand splendid suns” is here again with his latest offering “And the Mountains Echoed”. If you have had a chance to read the initial two chef d’oeuvre, “And the mountains echoed” wouldn’t be equally striking. The book begins with a bedtime story (a lovely fable said in a ...

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Review; To B.E or no to B.E

Engineering. What strikes first when you hear this word? Your grades? First crush? First daaru party? Hostel? Ragging? Canteen? Placement? Floods back memories? Doesn’t it? And for those who have not yet experienced or are never going to experience it, Dipen Ambalia brings to you an inside story. A life and time of the engineering multitude. 4 years of a ...

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Book review; Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham

Skipping Christmas is John Grisham’s first book in the comedy-satire genre. So don’t expect a fast paced legal thriller and intelligent courtroom drama. Skipping Christmas, is the story of a whiny, cynical middle aged couple, Luther Knark and his sweet, docile wife Nora, all alone at Christmas.Their young daughter, Blair decides to spend her holidays working for the Peace Corps ...

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To B.E. or Not to B.E Contest on JAM’s FB page

Contest on JAM’s FB page. Dipen Ambalia has written a book about the 4 years in an Engineering college.”To B.E or Not to B.E” where he warns college is somewhat like hell! Dipen says boys in engineering college are like dogs… 1. Barking for no reason type (They know they’re superior) 2. Don’t care type(who will inherit from Dad) 3. ...

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5 summer reads for gals

top 5 summer reads, gals, books

The summer is upon us and most of us have nothing to do. The heat is too much, so roaming around all day isn’t the best idea. So instead of sitting at home and sulking, why not pick up a book and give reading a chance? Here’s a list of 5 books you can read this summer. 1. Can You ...

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