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Movie Review:Chef

Plot – A three-star Michelin chef, Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan) gets fired from his job in New York because he punches a customer at the restaurant. He then flies to Kochi to spend some time with his son Arman (Svar Kamble) who lives with his ex-wife Radha Menon (Padmapriya Janakiraman) . He goes there with the idea of spending ...

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Trainee engineer discovers the airhostess.

air hostess

First day in an aeroplane. The excitement was not about taking off on a scientific marvel or agonising if its the Airbus or a Boeing, but the curiosity was about two other things; a) how to pee in the aeroplane, and b) what an air-hostess really looks like and what she really does. Back in the nursery days, the back-bencher pundits ...

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JAM Top 5 unknown facts on Suchitra Sen

Reclusive Bengali actress Suchitra Sen, aged 82, passed away at a Kolkatta nursing home on 17 Jan, following a massive cardiac arrest.  Suchitra had made a mark for herself not only in Bengali cinema but also in Bollywood. She worked in memorable films like Devdas, Aandhi, Mamta, etc. She is also the mother of Moon Moon Sen and grandmother to Rima ...

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Short Story – Welcome to Kolkatta

So, finally I was waiting at the station for my train. I was sad as I couldn’t go to Delhi, but I was damn happy too, because I was leaving Bihar. Like other Biharis, I knew that career growth or any other personal improvement is impossible in Bihar. We lack good higher education and the attitude of the society isn’t ...

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