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Career Counseling

A career counselor may be just the person to clear your confusion!! It’s that time of the year again. Time to make difficult choices, especially for those of you who’ve got Board exam results. But are you making an informed decision or simply moving along with the herd, goaded by peer pressure, parents and pretty brochures? This is your life ...

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Arts V/S Science

Science for the nerds, Arts is for the birds… –Neha Seth “Oh! You were so little when I last saw you, now you’ve become so big…,” says your distant aunt. This ironical statement sounds quite familiar to most of you, I’m sure. “So! You’re in college now, haan…. Following in your sister’s footsteps, one more engineer in the family…” “No, ...

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After Graduation, What?

Come graduation and an imaginary ‘Unemployed Graduate Statistic’ board hangs over your head. The prospect of landing a job looms large for all fresh graduates (remember, not everyone can get into an MBA!). So, unless papa’s got a business, here are a few openings that’ll help you take your first few steps into the Big Bad Real world! (A) Finance ...

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English literature

SHAKESPEARE CALLING Kavita Ogale explains why a course in English Literature provides the perfect grounding for someone planning to embark on a career in mass communication. ‘English Literature?’ shrieked Abhishek’s mother when she heard her beloved son’s choice of a major in his third year of graduation. That is the response most parents would give to a choice of a ...

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