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Self harm or self injury.

Self-harming is something which is increasing among youth every day. People do harm themselves, maybe due to the reason of depression but by many ways like cutting, a common thing among the youth, banging head on wall, pulling finger’s nails, burning skin with cigarettes, having highly injurious drugs like marijuana, hampering the healing of any wound, scratching skin etc., and ...

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JAM’s in-depth rating of top coaching classes.

After the unprecedented success of our call centre ratings, we felt the need to apply a measuring stick to coaching classes and tutorials. A decade ago, coaching classes were meant for weaker students with difficulties in particular subjects. Today, enrolling in a coaching class makes one part of an upward trend helped by the mushrooming of coaching classes all over ...

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Your Attention Please

ATTENTION Adjusting in, was his attempt Regardless of favoritism and contempt The surroundings were utterly new He knew whereabouts of only a few He believed in merging with distinctions Understanding people was one of his convictions Who used to lead, direct and stand out Was now directionless at a round about Amongst alike, he usually bossed Then what made him ...

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