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Letter to Arvind Kejriwal from a Delhi woman

Hello Sir. Congratulations on the win. It’s been a historic one. And you have awed all of us, yet again. Yes, you have been a whirlwind of a kind. Charming┬áeveryone across religions, castes and classes, you are now on your way to becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, already working on the┬áfulfilling the promises you have made in your election ...

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The Flappy Bird of Politics

Flappy Bird

They say that Politics is nothing more than a game. And judging by the state of India’s politics I’m starting to feel that our game is Grand Theft Auto 5. That would be the only explanation of all the murders, corruption, rapes, scams, and how the culprit gets away with all this in just three hours of jail time. But ...

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Relief fund will be allocated for Dhoom 3 victims, says Arvind Kejriwal

Relief fund will be allocated for Dhoom 3 victims, says Arvind Kejriwal  He did it again! Dhoom3 victims have found a sympathizer in Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind, in a Junta Darbar, appealed the victims to contact him as his government would reimburse for Dhoom3 tickets. Arvind said that this was the minimum he could do to the people who had to ...

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Be in the system to change the system

In these past 66 years, we have turned the whole country into a massive ranch where people live like animals. After independence our hopes are been belied and we stand cheated. The root cause for the perpetual maladies that have been diagnosed is the system and their cure is true leadership and a prudent system of governance. People keep complaining ...

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Is AAP really the item girl of politics?

Some people say that AAP members  are attention seeking lot hungry for publicity and find some way or the other to stay in limelight. Other parties feel restless and uncomfortable because AAP grabs the headlines and space in the newspaper that they wanted. The truth is, they are in the limelight because they do things that affects the general masses ...

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AAP gets 20 crore in donations. Says we don’t need more.

A facebook post by Arvind Kejriwal this morning; “Ur party needed Rs 20 crores to fight Delhi elections. We have met that target. We don’t need any more money for Delhi elections.. ” What? A politician who says NO to money? AAP is the first party ever to cap its donations.  The first party to ask its contributors to stop donating. ...

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Importance of the ADR; and Aruna Roy


India is a unique country. Every year GDP increased. And one thing which increased with the GDP is corruption. Well, It’s says a rotten apple can rot the whole bucket. And here 30% are rotten who are trying and succeeding in rotting the bucket. Nope! I am not talking about your dining table. I’m talking about our system: the parliament, ...

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Breaking News: Jumping Japang – The IPL Pandemic

The IPL is a raging fever among the people in this country. IPL has united the country more than Arvind Kejriwal or Baba Ramdev ever could. If they had paid more attention to the current affairs, they could have nominated Sachin for their party leader and won by a landslide. Sitting in my home, squashing mosquitoes in the dark and ...

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