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Movie Review; Beauty and the Beast 

Plot  Belle is a young girl who lives with her father in a small French  village of Villeuneve. Her whole village feels she is beautiful but odd. She too hates her old fashioned village life and wants more from life. The village soldier Gaston is a strong handsome young man who is so vain and proud of his looks that ...

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Delhi University’s short term, industry oriented Open Learning courses

College of Open Learning of Delhi University invites admissions in skill based industry training courses” The COL on its website says, “Graduation degree does not empower the students to get a job instantly.  Most Indian graduates do not match the employment profile required by industry in a competitive global environment. Academic achievements not withstanding , graduates have no means to ...

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Despicable Me 2

Akanksha calls this the most thrilling animation movie in a long while. The villain turned into a father doting on three pretty young girls in the first part of this series. And in the second, he falls in love. Not very typical, but lovable. The Felonious Gru is employed, against his wishes at first, by the Anti-Villain League to find ...

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Movie review; The Croods

This animation movie, set in the primitive age, takes us back down the evolution ladder to the era of cavemen. The Croods, a family of six, are the only survivors of natures wrath, among their clan. Living under the pretext of “never not be afraid”, led by the patriarch Grug, the Croods never leave their cave except for the rare ...

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