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Movie Review; Hidden Figures

This movie is a biographical drama based on the book by the same name written by Margot Lee which she wrote based on the apartheid  and discrimination against black women in NASA.They were not considered equal, were given a separate building with a separate  wing set apart from the main building with segregated facilities such as toilets and canteens. How ...

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Idli Dosa and the Hyderabad Blues – I

When I returned to United States from India this past December, my friends asked me, “So! How was your India trip?” I felt like an actress who holds a press conference and says, “Oh! I had a whirlwind tour. I was all over the place, promoting my film!” My trip to India was a whirlwind tour all right, except, I ...

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What it means to be a Gujju right now?

“Where are you from?” “I am from Vadodara.” “Come again?” “Vadodara, it’s in Gujarat.” I have been having that conversation for a long time with anyone and everyone from outside Gujarat. We hardly figure in the toppers list of the national competitive exams, our English speaking skills (the famous Dayaben twang) have been mocked over at least a zillion times, ...

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GAP’s Ad With Indian Sikh Model Defaced

GAP the American brand of jeans, released an advertisement featuring a Sikh actor and jewellery designer Waris Ahluwalia. This ad was part of their campaign called “Make Love” featuring diverse models of several races. This poster advertisement inside a New York subway was defaced. The campaign caption had been changed from ‘Make Love’ to ‘Make Bombs’. The writer had also ...

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