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Drink without getting drunk

We’ve all been there- college party, birthday party, we-all-passed-lets-drink party. The same participants are there too, some more constant than others- vodka, rum, whiskey, beer, wine and the likes. We have had our own variety of experiences where someone drinks too much than they can handle and go spiraling around the place like a crazy person. Some of us may ...

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Wake up; It’s Just a Break up!!!

All of us have at least once in our dreamy lives had an unforgettable break up. By a break up I am not referring to a lover or a bf/gf but there are other things too. I define break up as a life changer when your support system gives up on you. It could be a loss of a job, ...

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Alcohol cigarette and drugs? Is turning 18 so cool ?


Every kid has someone slightly older that they look up to and whom they find ‘cool’. When you turn 18 you get a chance to become that cool person. 18 brings for some of us a sense of freedom to life; ultimate and endless freedom. You were able to get a boy-friend/girl-friend (or the plural of the same), to move ...

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Jam Top 5: Five cool fundas to live life!

1. Money cannot buy happiness but it is much better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle 2. Alcohol cannot solve the problems of life, but then neither can milk 3. Some people are alive in this world, only because it would be illegal to shoot them 4. If your father is poor it is not your mistake, ...

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