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Yeh friendship kya hai?

What is friendship? It is trying to cover up the track for your footloose friend, ÔÇ£oh yes, aunty! He spent the weekend at my home, preparing for the test!ÔÇØ It is fighting over that last piece of pizza and knowing that itÔÇÖs a battle to death. This is Sparta! It is calling each other insulting names but donning body armor ...

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Friendship Movies to watch – Get your friends over!

So the first Sunday of August is here and a midst the colourful friendship bands, random long drives and treats. You come back home and sing your favourite Bollywood tune which revives the friendship hormone in you. We would like you to dust off that old CD player of your and bring out the legends that have been stored somewhere ...

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Game Changing Coming-Of-Age Bollywood Movies

It has been a long standing tradition of Hindi movies, to show the protagonists making a clean straight jump from childhood  to tall, lanky adults thereby totally overlooking that crucial stage between childhood and adulthood. The explosive years of walking on the thin line between being no longer a child and not quite an adult  is not a theme many ...

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Couselling or Pressurizing?

“Matri devo bhava, pitri devo bhava.” Many of us might have heard or read this shloka somewhere or the other, at least once in our lifetime. The meaning is clear: our parents have been raised to the status of God. Indeed they are, no second thoughts about it but God only shows and guides us to the right path; he ...

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