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Did someone just turn18?

Eighteen…The year that most excites all human beings in India. Because finally they are of the legal age to do something that is potentially exciting but what almost always ends up as a detrimental experience after the deed is done. YES! I am talking about Voting! It takes a lot of hard work to reach this age, mostly from your ...

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What it means to turn 18?

18! A combination of two digits . Yes! A lot of important things which rushed to your mind when you entered this age. Basically, things like: First, ‘now, I am officially an adult to watch [A] certified movies freely; No more hiding Now, authorized to ride daddy’s bike/car. And a night out to banta hai boss!!!! I am authorized to ...

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The Magician

There was once a magician, who started off pretty ordinarily, but had a somewhat different style of presenting things before his audiences. He once went to perform in a partially built amphitheatre of a college. Reluctant at first because of his apprehension that the younger audience might not be able to connect with his elaborate tricks, he decided to engage ...

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