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Surprising CET!

The Common Entrance Test for MBA/ MMS in Maharashtra state was not quite what students expected. Rohini Kapur reports

So Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET 2006 happened on February 26, and almost 45,000 people from all over the WORLD appeared for it. No kidding.

After standing in serpentine queues for hours to submit forms (at Welingkar’s, Matunga, people lined up at 8 am), and getting centres in obscure places (like Bhandup), I guess most CET aspirants thought they had seen it all. But nothing must have prepared them for such a paper.

Firstly, hardly any problem-solving (Mathematics) questions. The ones that were there were mostly quite easy. However, there was a surprise five-question set on permutations and combinations, not been asked before.

The Logical Reasoning section was easy as well, EXCEPT for a very weird set of questions. You see, it’s very normal to ask students to identify the odd one out in a number series. But this time, the question was this: There are TWO wrong numbers in each number series. Figure out both of them, calculate the difference between the number that SHOULD have been there, and the given number, and then mark that number as your answer which has the larger difference from the RIGHT number.

Quite a task. I assume the smarter ones must have just moved on to the next question.

The Data Interpretation questions are usually avoided by most students, since they can take a while to calculate. But there are always questions which can be attempted with good accuracy. However, this time, solving each question itself involved a long time, because there were too many conditions. And under the pressure of time, not many can actually manage to get those questions right.

In spite of all this, there were a few questions which any child could have solved. The verbal ability questions were way too easy (but that’s a very subjective opinion).

All said and done, most people I know found the paper not so easy, but there will always be people who’ll score 140-plus. Good for them. Meanwhile, we mere mortals still continue to struggle with illogical number series…

28 Feb 2006

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