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Superman Saves, but Batman Still Rocks, says Adityaa

When you enter the movie hall and you see a movie produced by WB, Legendary and DC comics, you can be damn sure that the movie is going to be Super!

This Friday the Man of Steel landed on the box office. Not being a huge Superman fan, I wasn’t quite interested in the flick. But the only thing that motivated me to watch was that this was an endeavor by Christopher Nolan—or to the others ‘the guy who directed The Dark Knight’. Superman fan boys/girls were already excited to be in the hall, some wearing superman shirts, others wearing Superman underwears.  So I tried to be the only sane person in the hall, I wore a simple BATMAN ROXXXX shirt.

The movie begins with a marvelous view of the dying planet Krypton. The special effects are breath-taking, the architecture, the concept of creatures, the mechanism of flying ships are all rendered beautifully and it pulls you in instantly. Then in a bid to save Superman from a doomed planet (no, not Earth), they have him express delivered to Planet Earth.

What follows is random ‘Super’ events narrowed down to fit in the two hour span that Hollywood movies carry. It’s like watching the entire 13475 episodes of Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi bahu thi fit into three hours of Bollywood movie. So the movie feels a little rushed to get to the point.

Although the part where this movie wins is the cinematography, the depiction of the scenes is so beautifully handled that it’s more a piece of art than a cinema. Almost all sounds in the film are amplified the way Superman would hear them; perhaps it was Mr. Nolan’s idea of trying to get us inside the hero’s head. Clark as a kid is shown insanely vulnerable to feelings, and in a SPIDERMAN-like twist he loses his father figure right after having an argument with him. Emotions are the driving force in this film, that and predictability!

This movie isn’t all about a Superhero in a red cape; it’s about the reporter who pokes her nose into other people’s business, it’s about a father who encourages his son, it’s about the scientist who saves the world by tilting a ball, and about the hot alien lady who wears really tight clothes and gives mean looks.

The dude who plays Superman, (forgive me for not remembering his name) is a little unconvincing. For starters, except for ripped muscles he has nothing that would fit the character including voice, looks and acting included. Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is perfect though, her nosy reporter persona is very believable because she has such a cute nose! General Zod is another strong character in the movie, another ‘Nolan style’ idealistic villain against the goodytwoshoes hero, blurring the lines between what’s good and what’s right.

This movie is not for the storyline though, this one is all for the special effects. The fight and flight sequences are so huge and awe inspiring that they get boring after the first three minutes. I know it’s a Superman movie and things have to blow up otherwise nobody would watch it. But this movie takes all the destruction in Avengers— and multiplies it by ten. In fact when Superman gets bored of destroying multi-million dollar properties on ground, he goes up into outer space to destroy a multi-million dollar satellite.

This movie has been one of the most awaited movies of 2013; A venture by Christopher Nolan! Sadly it didn’t live up to all the hype for me. Maybe Superman movies are just doomed to be eternally dull. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Superman. But only in JLA where he’s Batman’s bitch. BATMAN ROXXXX 😉

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