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Fairy Tale Ending- Aakanksha Singh

As a kid, my mother would narrate fairy tales to me and I would always wish that I could be a part of them, instead of this brutal world. We lived in crippling poverty in a filthy part of town, my mother toiled hard to put food on the table and it was very difficult to get by. I nurtured dreams of becoming Cinderella or Snow White.  Now, standing on the stage, crowned as Miss Universe, I feel like my dream has come true. I thank my mother copiously for helping me to rise from poverty and get here.


Crimson- Aakanksha Singh

The crimson lantern radiated a soft light. All the houses in his vicinity had put up lightings or lanterns to usher in Diwali. Anand too, had put up a crimson lantern. He loved Diwali. He helped his family to make sweets, and his sister in drawing rangolis. He loved eating the special Diwali sweets too. What he didn’t like were the fireworks. He hated them; not just because they were a nuisance, and they polluted the environment; he hated them because they choked him and aggravated his asthma problem.


#Guilt- Manikandan S.P.

His hostel friends thought he had been becoming lean because of the unhealthy hostel food. He returned home after 4 years at IIT to taste his mother’s preparation. But he ate just two chapatis and his mom shouted at him. He washed his hands in guilt.

The #guilt of not being #employed yet!

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