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Suarez bites, Italy exits and twitterati get witty

Italy started the football world cup as one of the contenders to win the coveted cup. But it seemed like a hungry Luis Suarez and team Uruguay had other plans. Italy tried its best at playing a great game of footsies until bad boy Suarez craved to dig his massive chompers into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. This lethal bite became the most trending incident and garnered a lot of wisecracks on social media. The bite brought with it lots of drama but thanks to Uruguay’s Diego Godin’s late goal Italian fans were left fuming. Here are some of the funny tweets that got trending and were rib-ticklers to the core.

Evander Holyfield who happens to know a few things about being bitten shared his humourous thoughts.
@holyfield: I guess any part of the body is up for eating.

England’s great footballer Michael Owen had this to say.

@themichaelowen: Tell me I’m seeing things. Surely Suarez didn’t bite someone again?

British media royalty Piers Morgan quipped.

@piersmorgan: Does Suarez not eat before games?

Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt was taken aback and tweeted.

@usainbolt: Did Suarez really bite again? #ITAvsURU

The mango people tweeted some hilarious stuff too.
@IanDarke: Suarez completes his 3-course meal with a Pasta Chiellini

@HeyHayward: If Snickers doesn’t reach out & sign Luis Suarez up for one of those “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” ads, they’re failing

@arda_ocal: How does Luis Suarez not burst into flames in the sunlight? #WorldCup2014

@GeoffLemonSport: You are what you eat, which is why Suarez is all the world’s footballers. #ITAURU

A local restaurant chain of McDonalds in Uruguay hilariously tweeted.

@McDonalds_Uy: “Hi @luis16suarez, if you’re still hungry come and have a bite of a BigMac”.

Tournament officials are looking into Luis Suarez’s chomping incident after Chiellini’s wimpy cries and bro-bite reveal. Italian fans are lamenting but their wish-list asks for banning biter Suarez. One can hear the Italians going ‘Mamma mia match deludente.’

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