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Studying In Singapore

Singapore has three universities:
1 Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
2 National University of Singapore (NUS)
3 Singapore Management University (SMU).

NUS offers Medical and Arts courses whereas NTU is purely engineering (Like IIT/Pilani).

NTU is big and when I say big I mean BIG. It has about 20,000 students out of which 20% are foreigners. NTU is one of the best (in terms of infrastructure and campus facilities) and recently feat (in Asia Week magazine) as one of the top 10 Engineering Colleges in Asia. Faculty is from all over the world and the Profs are dead serious about their work…they don’t even bother with that additional extra tuition crap, as is the case with Profs teaching in Indian colleges.
For more info: www.ntu.edu.sg

How To Get Into A University
First question how to get into the University. For Indian students there are two options:
A) Direct admission through the University selection procedure.
B) Through the Singapore Airlines-Neptune Oil (SIA-NOL) scholarship. I got in directly, through the University

Success at the NTSE (National Talent Search Examination), IIT screening with ECAs & an above average percentage in 10th is a big plus point. They prefer CBSE and ICSE students. I know the State syllabus guys won’t like this, but it’s a fact. There aren’t many state syllabus guys/gals in NTU. They short list some applicants for a written test (on Math’s, Physics and English) in April. Pattern is Subjective something like the IIT mains but not quite as tough! During my admission they had taken 200 for test and finally chose 20. This is of course after the initial short-listing which could have had applications nearing the 1000 and more…

A) The University invites applications, along with Biodata, in December after the IIT screening with ECAs forming a big part in deciding who gets short listed to the next stage.
B) SIA-NOL also has a admission procedure of its own which is totally independent of the University’s. These guys too ask for a Biodata in March and then shortlist people for a written test (which is GMAT in nature). Further short listing is done for the interview process and the finalists are selected. In my batch, through this scheme, again about 20 students were selected. This procedure is fairly popular in India since SIA-NOL advertises in all major Indian dailies.

So What Is It Going To Cost Ur Parents
If you go through (A) then around 10-12 lakhs over a period of 4 years. If go through (B) then Rs 0 since SIA-NOL offers scholarship. Now Singapore is a small country with not much resources – human/natural. it is smaller than Madras in size and population!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean any neighboring country can annex it within 6 hours. These guys have to be competitive in the World Economy to survive and for this they need professionals from all over the world. They do this by attaching a tag to the student who comes to study in Singapore.

What they say is “Guys, the fees here is around 21000S$ per year. Obviously we can’t expect you to pay so much. So what we will do is we’ll slash 15000S$ every year off and for this you guys have to work in Singapore for 3 yrs after graduation – any company.” So every foreigner studying in Singapore has to work after graduation for 3 years. But if you take the SIA scholarship which pays the remaining 6000S$ and also gives you a monthly allowance then you have to work an extra 3 years making it Scheme (A): 3 years Scheme (B): 6 years

Now this is an important issue, 6 years is a very long time and any possibility of future studies is difficult Three years is a better time frame since by then you would have the required work-ex for an MBA. That’s my thinking. Get the B Tech in 4 years; work for another 3 years and then push off for an MBA

Any thoughts that you will be working in a Godforsaken company which pays peanuts can be dispelled by the fact that Singapore is the Asia-Pacific Region centre for all MNCs. All of them have their offices here. Jobs will be of the highest order and the opportunities are ample. All this… provided you are good and have done well in co

A B. Tech in Singapore costs:
1. Tuitions Fees : 6220S$ + another 200S$ per year
2. Boarding : 155S$ per month
3. Monthly expenses : Approx 300-500S$ per month
Of course, loans are available which will take care of the fees and will also provide a living allowance. I was on that for my first year, but then I managed to get a scholarship offered by a US company named MICRON SEMICONDUCTORS.

This is the most important fact that people overlook. You can get scholarships after joining college also!! I applied for this scholarship in my second sem of the first year and got it. Of course I shall have to work with these guys for 3 years but this overlaps with the 3 years I had anyway allocated for work ex and Micron is a Fortune 500 company. I definitely don’t mind!!!

Why Study In Singapore?
First what are the choices for a Indian student.
1. IIT- Damn tough…assuming chances are 50-50%.
2. Pilani – Again very tough for CBSE/ICSE. You have to get 95% or above
3. US/UK – Very expensive and scholarships at the undergrad level are few
4. Singapore/Australia – Affordable and good.

I got a rank of 3,600 in IIT and would have got into it if I had tried a second time. I got 95% in CBSE; again I might have got into PiIani. US/UK no way…..I am not that rich. Singapore I applied and I got through.

I finally chose Singapore since it was a good choice.I would have a foothold in the US (ultimately I want to do my MBA from there). The job market is definitely better in Singapore as compared to India.

The Univ is world class and is affiliated to various US and UK Universities.

The fees are affordable for the facilities provided. You anyways pay around Rs 80,000-1,00,000, in India, for a decent engineering seat.

All these factors made me pick NTU and I have been convinced over the last 1 year that I have made the correct decision. Hope to see some of you, reading this, in NTU…….

Vinay Reddy is currently doing his Btech from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. To get in touch with him for any questions on the study in Singapore, contact him at vinay130683@hotmail.com

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