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Student Species

Nimish Varadkar takes a look at various student species.

Hotel Management
His attachment with the course suddenly changes his behaviour. The very same guy who 6-7 months ago believed in burping and talking while eating, suddenly starts displaying a 17th century English etiquette. Never go out with him to a restaurant because he may spoil your appetite by his constant bickering about your mannerisms. This species gets really pissed off on being addressed as waiter but extracts revenge by subjecting us to unheard and tasteless dishes prepared in their kitchen.

These self proclaimed rockers suddenly develop ears for Green Day and Floyd though they secretly worship One Direction, Justin Bieber. They constantly undermine other courses and boast about how engineering is way tougher than the rest. They also have their theories on how getting a KT is not similar to failing. As their course progresses, their choice in the feminine species declines due to the non-availability of good ones.

student species

student species

You cannot miss them as they are mostly clad in kurtas, padukas, and jholas. They indulge in lots of extra curricular activities and travelling which methinks is because of their relatively easier academics (I see them getting pissed by reading this). But for them, college is quite a blast – not to forget the innumerable educational trips they take for sightseeing.

Merchant Navy
One always tends to hang around with them as they are your bait to meet up with good chicks. If it’s not their good looks then the mere disclosure “I’m in the Merchant Navy” gets the chicks crazy. Half of their friends eye their GFs and wait for the day the guy would leave for his long journeys.

These kids are disinterested in important things like booze, porn etc. Maybe it’s because of their study schedule or the gruesome sights they witness. A mere half hr. with them can lead to depression, as they constantly educate you on aftermaths of your lifestyle. They really know how to take the zest away from all the good things in life courtesy their pessimistic perspective.

They always try to justify that BSc. IT is equivalent to a B.E. in IT and how they have saved their money by opting for it. You can find these species only in the corner of their dark bedrooms near their PCs, downloading the latest softwares, songs, games and even viruses which they stupidly try out on their PCs. Mostly found completing project/ assignments all year long.

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