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Street Fashion: Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway never fails as an ultimate destination for shopping especially when it’s month end and we are grappling with the familiar pangs of kadki. Causeway is a perfect place to bunk your lectures and go if you are not brand conscious and love to pick up cool accessories, clothes, lil articles of home décor etc. at dirt cheap prices.

JAM scrounges though the gully of Colaba Causeway to pick out the coolest wears of the season.

Knee length dresses in big floral prints would make any drab rainy day, sunny. They are available in numerous prints, patterns and bold colours at a stall near Metro Opticals at Rs.200. Also, a pair of comfy shorts prized at Rs.200, is another must have of the season to plod thorough the potholes. They are available in checked and plain variety in lemon yellow, peach, camel skin and cream colour. Don a smart tee, brightshorts, co-ordinate it with one of the colourful belts availablefor Rs.150at a stall outside cafe Churchill to look effortlessly stylish this monsoon.

Another item which I think is a work of genius is a three way folding bag at the same stall.Available in pink colour, it can be folded from either of its sides or used to dump everything form an umbrella, dabba to wallet in it. It is priced at Rs.550 but you can negotiate the cost depending on your bargaining skills. If you are a fan of slings, you get them here in different varieties, cost ranging from Rs 450 to Rs 550 .I love the one with the pearls on its chain.

The footwear stalls here are flooded with cutesy slippers with bunny faces or the ones shaped like leaves in bright colours for anything between Rs.200 to Rs.250. You can hardly wear them in rains without spray painting your derriere with water and mud. But, you are tempted to pick them up, nonetheless.
There is only one problem shopping at here is that you spoilt for choice and end up buying more than you need in this confusion. But nonetheless I swear by its trendiness and pocket-happiness!

– Preeti Kulkarni.

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