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Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is another art form! When it comes to Stop Motion, you not only design the character, you have to make them from scratch using wood, plastic, clay and other bits of material! The object created is then moved ever so slightly in every frame and a picture is taken. Time lapse photography like clouds whizzing by in movies uses this funda! The most common form of Stop Motion is Clay Animation or claymation).

Chicken Run and the Brit series Wallace and Grommit both use claymation.

There is no formal training available in India though Pentamedia (Chennai) offers a short-term course while claymation forms a part of the National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad) syllabus

The Basic Work
What you need to get into this line – Hands!!! Tools help you in detailing but it is your hands that shape, squish, smooth, flatten, pinch, and poke the clay the best. The first step is building the support framework (the aluminium wire skeleton) which is strengthened and then colored clay (plasticine) is used for the body. Next technicians painstakingly change the position of the figure and shoot – frame to frame. When the film is played it looks uninterrupted.

“Animation progressed from cell to claymation and then 3D computer graphics, in India the second stage was entirely bypassed! Claymation, in India, is low-paying, the overheads are high and the only people open to clay animation are channels like [V] and MTV. Even in advertising, clients prefer 3D software for animation ’cause all they want is sleek product shorts! No one is willing to experiment.” – Nisha Abraham Pathani (An NID graduate, Nisha is a freelance Claymation Animator. She has worked on the Channel [V] Timecheck fillers and the Pentagram video Drive)


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