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Stilettos Diary

Today almost everybody has a blog to flaunt. But how many blogs are recognised and featured by New York Times or incorporated into an iPhone app or how many of them have collaborated with world famous designers?

Stilettos Diary is a fashion blog making waves in the fashion world. It was founded last year in October by the duo Megha Varshini and Vignesh Ravichandran. Within no time the Bangalore based bloggers became a sensation in the social media.
Stilettos Diary primarily focuses on street style, vintage and affordable fashion for women. It is your pit stop for style tips, street fashion, designer collaborations and product reviews.

Currently the blog boasts of having sponsors like Qvendo, Oasap and Ashley Zaba. “Most of our collaborations happened because they liked the work and the presentation. We have collaborated with Canadian designer Ashley Zaba, LA based designer Adolfo Sachez and Australian jewellery designer Lotus Mendes,” says Megha Varshini, a computer engineer who currently works with Ranstad India as their research analyst.

The duo has been friends since school. Megha (25) is a shopaholic, fashion addict and a creative bee. “I feel fashion is an art and I like to reuse all the clothes in my closet to the fullest to create new looks. My clothes are a reflection of my personality – quirky, elegant, simple and yet fashionable,” says her. Whereas Vignesh (24) is a product designer. “I work on concept and product visualization based on research, ergonomics and aesthetics. I handle the location scouting, shoots and photo processing for the blog. I shoot about twice every week and we churn out a post every Wednesday,” he says.

What motivated her to become a blogger on professionally? She says,”I wanted to let people know that you can look good on a shoe string budget. I want to promote street style amongst the women in India. Initially I did outfits and let people know about deals but later on I got suggestions from lot of people to incorporate how to go about styling an outfit and style tips.”

She adds further, “I was a tomboy during school days. I gave myself a makeover from the tomboy image through the internet and by reading articles, blogs and watching television shows. I thought it would be great to share what I learnt. Moreover I was completely obsessed about fashion. I converted my obsession into a blog. I love blogging and my passion for fashion inspires me to keep going.”

“I work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the weekdays in Randstad India. I come back home and spend half an hour on my blog and also answering emails. Weekends I dedicate to doing blog work, shoots and learning more about fashion and how to incorporate it into my blog. We are still learning and our blog is still evolving, says Megha.

So how much did you had to invest in starting up this fashion blog? “I mainly invested in clothes, accessories, shoes, jackets, et al. You need to invest wisely and keep up-to-date with fashion. Fashion is forever changing. What’s in today won’t be tomorrow and in blogging circuit people expect something new every day, says Megha.

Their favourite blogs are Kayture, Scent of Obsession, Man Repeller and Kendi everyday!, amongst others. The only advice the duo have for bloggers is to believe in what they are doing and not listen to naysayers.

– Babita Balan

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