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As the rest of the world sinks into mush, Nikita catches up with those who watch from the sidelines (read singles)

It’s that time of the year again when all things turn red. Shop displays are loaded with hearts and cupids. Lovers all around are racking their brains to come up with unique gift ideas for their loved ones.
But what about the rest of the world that is single. What do they do? Twiddle their thumbs? Go out there and celebrate your cool single status [or at least pretend to do so!]? Or go looking for hot girls/ guys and hope cupid is around to aim those arrows in the right direction?
To know more, we asked a few cool singles what Valentine’s Day means to them and how they are cope with the love fiesta
this time…

Suresh S (28)
Media Professional

It meant a lot earlier, but now it is just another day for me. I was in a relationship with a wonderful girl, but things did not work out for us. For a year I went into hiding. I couldn’t face being alone. But I have control of my life again.
So, on Valentine’s Day I am not doing much. I have arranged for most of my single friends to come over and party. Actually it’s a normal get together. Nothing much really.

Mitesh Shah (26)

I have been single for the most part of my life. I dated someone briefly, but she was too girly for my tastes. I cannot keep up with the chocolates and flowers routine all the time.
So, Valentine’s Day is really no big deal. It is the 14th of Feb and this date comes every year, so there is nothing special or original about it. I am bad at gifts, so I don’t expect gifts either. As it is a Sunday, I am going to be sleeping or playing a friendly match of cricket. I regularly go clubbing on Sundays, so 14th is not going to be
an exception.

Annabelle D’cruz (22)

Valentine’s Day is an excuse for me to buy gifts for my friends and the people I love. I am not dating anyone yet. So, I celebrate Valentine’s Day for myself. I take my parents out or buy them gifts.
Last year, I threw a small party for my friends at home and many came in with their respective partners. I don’t think Valentine’s Day is for those in love only. It is a day of love, which means that we should spread the love.
This time I am taking my parents out for an Italian dinner!

Karandeep Singh Oberoi (26)

I love Valentine’s Day! So what if I am single? We must not give up. Every year on Valentine’s Day, I take my best buddy along and go pubbing. We hit on pretty girls there, ask them for a dance or free drinks. Now not every girl is dating someone, is she? So who knows we might just get lucky one year!
This year, I am going to carry some red roses too, so that I manage to impress the girl completely!

Niti Jain (25)
Media Professional

I used to watch all romantic Yash Chopra movies back-to-back on a Valentine’s Day. By the end of it, I would just drift off to sleep. Otherwise, a few of my girl friends would come over and we would order dinner. It used to
be fun.
But I am bored of watching all the re-runs. I am going to attend my friend’s band playing in a suburban hangout this time. So, I guess I could end up meeting some cute guys too.

Peter A (31)
Voiceover artist

I am currently not dating anyone. It is another day after all!
I have recently joined a band, so I would be playing with them this Valentine’s. Plus when you are in love I don’t think you need to have a special day to shower love on your partner. Doesn’t loving someone mean that it has to be the same 24/7 and 365 days?

Grishma Seth (24)
PR Professional

Being in the media industry and with such a hectic job, I really don’t have the time and patience for love, let alone a silly day called Valentine’s Day! I think by now everyone should realise that Valentine’s Day, like cricket, is all about spending money and advertising and hardly about love. People buy expensive gifts to show their love. Does that mean people who do not buy gifts don’t love their partners? Why measure love in gifts or other material things?
Valentine’s Day is a Sunday, so I will be sleeping. I will eat a heavy lunch and go back to sleep all over again.

Roopa Udeshi (21)

It’s a Sunday, so I’ll chill with family during the day and my single friends during the evening. A day well spent!

Anuja Gangan (20)

I’ll be going for the Kala Ghoda festival and chilling out with friends.

Ancel D’souza (24)

Valentine’s Day means spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Because it is a Sunday this time, I am going to watch a lot of my favourite films from all times through the day, catch up on sleep in the afternoon and then go out with my friends.

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