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Srishti – An Initiative

Let the straight people gossip about article 377. What do they know about the emotions of Genderqueer.  Wait, Most don’t even know that addressing such people as gay, lesbian would hurt their emotions.  Could a law change nature?

                Srishti Madurai is kind of LGBT student volunteer group established by Gopi Shankar on 2011.Vikruti evam prakruthi (what seems unnatural is also natural) this verse from Rig Veda explains  Srishti in single line It is the first Genderqueer and LGBT volunteer group started in non-metro cities of Tamilnadu to aim to the problems of such people. It not only creates awareness among people about the genders. It also educates about gender politics and issues regarding gender and sexuality. Later on, Srishti started developing human resources as well as Genderqueer resources. This initiative is of first of its kind in India.

Srishti is neither a Non Governmental Organization nor a Community Based Organization. It is only a student volunteer Group. And they don’t accept any corporate sponsors. The advisory board and committee of Srishti comprises of various activists, writers, philosophers, artists and especially Students.

Various clubs from Srishti has been building methods to approach the other genders in a scientific, sociological and philosophical perspective and also on imparting people with a scientific approach on queer community.  Anyone can apply for the membership irrespective of age, caste or gender. It would take 5 years to be a member before which one has to be in the levels of pre-probationer, probationer and post-probationer in case the application is in the stage of reviewing.

Anyone can contact Srishti for discussions on queer theory, genders, sexuality, Sexual attraction and also on more than 25 types of genders @ 09042462205, 09092282369.

Site: www.srishtiglobal.org

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