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Space Selling

Space the final frontier … not really in space selling terms. For the uninitiated, ‘space’ does not refer to an individuals land or freedom of existence. The space we are talking about is the space available and intended for advertising in different media. The advertising media available are print (newspapers and mags), electronic (TV- implies channels and radio), and outdoor (hoardings, banners, etc). Note- while dealing with TV and radio, the term ‘Space Selling’ is aptly replaced by ‘Time Selling’. But we’ll be using ‘space selling’ in a general collective sense.

A space seller for any media based organization, performs the task of:

1) interacting with prospective advertisers.
2) convincing them to use your organization’s medium to place their ad.

First of all we gotta understand that the services of every publication/channel, costs much more than the price we pay for it. The ads featured in it are responsible for the cost reduction. And a space seller steps in here- to sell that advertising space/time to potential advertisers.

The world of advertising has always excited the vibrant young generation wanting to make a career in this ever glamorous field. For those who cannot make it to the ad world, the best possible association with this industry is Media Selling. Media selling though is no more the poor cousin of advertising, because the advertising rupee is becoming lesser and rarer in these days of recession.

No siree! There are no dedicated media selling courses, but a regular advertising course would help familiarize one with concepts and jargons. Besides the familiarization factor, such courses will not majorly enhance your media selling career. With a lot of preference being given to the management grads, a fresh graduate will find it difficult to land a job. But still if you are an enthu freshie, with the ability to ‘sell ice to an Eskimo’, nobody can stop you from media selling.

Individual Requirements
The individual must have a pleasing personality. In fact females rejoice! The media selling industry has a definite bias towards females (not that they are anti-male or anything). Yet at the risk of sounding sexist, their funda may be that good looking females could be very persuasive, and not many guys would disagree. But in today’s tight job market, aapko job se matlab hai yaa ……. Also male ho ya female, excellent (yes excellent) communication skills and a never say die attitude are musts. As media selling is becoming more and more analytical, an individual with an analytical bend of mind will have a definite edge over others.

Mode Of Operation
The job basically involves interacting with the media planning or client servicing departments (as the case may be) of an advertising agency. This is because a client (service/goods provider) approaches the media normally through an ad agency. The space seller though, has to also interact and impress the client- who is by and large the ultimate decision maker regarding the ad campaign.

Moolah Scenario
In spite of the overall market recession, the media industry remains a good pay master. A beginner in the top publishing house or satellite channel can earn in the range of Rs.9000 to Rs.15000.

Other Options
There are various other career options available for ones wanting to shift from media selling. People with media selling background can venture into careers like client servicing in the advertising agencies, corporate communications or public relations. There is also a trend of people with media selling background working on retainer-ship basis for various publication houses across the country.

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