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South Gujarat University

U know U R in South Gujarat University when:

– You find yourself sharing an auto with six other people to get to college.

– Most students wear Metallica T-shirts although half of them can’t even spell Metallica.

– The students think that ‘Barbie Girl’ and ‘Brazil’ are the latest English songs.

– 95% of the dances in college festivals are performed on Hrithik numbers and the other 5% on Maiya yashoda.

– The students go to Barista and ask for pizzas.

– 90% of students bug you by playing ‘Babuji’ ringtone on their cell with full volume and the rest 10% listen to it with great interest.

– The library schedule is much more complicated than the White House. You have to fill out a form (read tender), and check out if your name is selected in the list of those lucky people to give away the books. And did I tell you? MONDAYS ONLY!

– You have to keep buttering up your profs through out the year coz 30% marks are internals.

– You find hot babes all around you but once you hear them speaking, you’ll wan to commit sucide.

– You need a bike to go tp the canteen from the commerce building.

– Bugs Dave, Shah N.H. College, Valsad. It’s under South Gujarat University.

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