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Soup for your cold

The common cold and cough, I believe, is the worst common ailment someone can have. The headache, sore throat, achy eyes and nose are enough to drive you crazy and not let you accomplish anything you have planned for that much time.

I have the worst kind of cold where I can’t go anywhere or even eat anything. I long for maggi or something hot and salty but not spicy, and items of this description are not widely available in the supermarkets.┬á And then they came into my life. They being- ready to make soups.

The thing is, many people do resort to hot milk or tea but many do not know that you should not have milk during a cold and sore throat. Milk tends to stick and does not clear the throat, causing the “gale ki kharash” situation which does not help your already bad condition.

Now you might be wo dering that how is it any different from normal packet soups? Time. And effort too. In that groggy state you cannot stand in front of the gas and wait for something to boil, it makes you dizzy and annoyed. These soups are very easy and super quick to make, plus they fill you up and are tasty.

All you have to do is microwave a cup of water for one minute, or heat it for a minute. Keep your soup powder ready in another cup and when your water is heated, pour it in your soup powder and cover with a lid for a minute. And tada! I have this like 2-3 times a day and I love them.

These soups are available from Knorr and Chings in various flavours like tomato chatpata, masala, mixed vegetable, schezuan noodles and hot&sour. It is not very thick, and is salty, hot and a very little spicy- perfect for times when you can’t figure out what to eat or are unwell. One packet costs Rs. 10-15 and makes one cup of tasty soup.

You can pair it with a piece of bread, lightly toasted with a hint of butter. So trust this and go give it a try.

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