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Sophias when…

You admonish the cab driver in the morning for saying Sophiyaa Callege!

You never have change for the correct cab fare.

When most of your friends don’t have a clue about Borivli!

You are perennially broke and end up at Anda Pav. So much for the town college!

You want to eat something nice, you visit Light of Persia.

You run to Kemps Corner for each and everything.

Many of your friends (although born and brought up in India) cannot speak proper Hindi.

You go to town and not Peddar Road.

You buy cigarettes from Guptajee

You are petrified of the crows in the canteen, as they peck at your food!

You come in wearing the most exclusive designer clothing, and leave wearing khadi.

Library time is meant for gossip.

You haggle with the gatekeeper to let you in.

You are sent home if you are wearing a knee length skirt and your friend in spaghetti straps is still around because the nun never saw her!

You make out the difference between the science section and the arts section! Sophia BA rules!

A boy feels awkward in a canteen full of girls.

You see a huge line of boys wanting Kaleidoscope passes desperately!


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