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Soliloquies topping: Pizza 3D review

The reason why the low-budget 2012 Tamil movie by the same name worked was because it had the ability to surprise the audience with new and unpredictable things in its narrative. Ranging from being a supernatural thriller to a spooky horror to a brilliant suspense thriller, it pretty much had every genre known to Indian film-making minds, yet it was immensely entertaining and fulfilling. The reason why Akshay Akkineni’s Pizza won’t work is, it’s poor marketing, worthless 3D effects and a faithful remake that is frame by frame an exact replica of the original.

Bollywood is stuffed with insane and ridiculous Horror films that are so thin in their narrative that even a midget won’t be able to stand aloof on it. With the likes of shitty horror films sold in the name of sex, Bollywood has had it all. Pizza will be a pleasant surprise for the Indian audience who are a faint at heart. The cliched jump scares are in ample amount, though heavenly borrowed from foreign films they will manage to at-least spook you if not scare you.

The story remains exactly the same as the Tamil version: a pizza delivery boy who is struggling to cope up with his own personal life; he has a wife who is an aspiring horror novelist. He does not believe in his wife’s spooky lifestyle and stories until he faces them when he has to deliver a pizza to a house that is haunted.

Now, the Bollywood version of the film makes a few minute changes and knowingly fixes one of loopholes in the original that didn’t really matter. But when you compare it to the original it loses it’s charm midway. The jump scares start coming one after the other and at a point you are so used to them that they simply don’t matter to you anymore. The ending was one of my favorite things about the original, it took me by surprise and the people who haven’t seen the Tamil film will be shocked to their gut, the suspense has been well maintained here as well. It’s the after climax part that dumbs down the film. Akshay Akkineni has added this little bit to make the film look a bit different but it’s actually unnecessary, pretty much like the film itself is.

Former miss India Parvathy Omnakuttan does her part really well, so does Akshay Oberoi. But, he does not looks like a Pizza boy to me. While, Vijay Sethupathi in the Tamil version looked the part and even outdid the ‘being scared’ scenes, Oberoi’s wooden expression don’t really look satisfying for a larger part of the movie.

Final Verdict: If you haven’t seen the original film I would strongly recommend you to watch it. A good story and an ending you won’t see coming will take you off-guard. If you have a problem with the language only then consider seeing this Bollywood version. If you have seen the original it’s pretty much pointless to give this one a try.

Rating: 2.5/5

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