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Smt CHM College, Ulhasnagar

Actual Name
Smt Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College, Ulhasnagar. Don’t even attempt remembering the name, no one does. I copy pasted it from the internet too.

The Location
Bang opposite Ulhasnagar station. Right off platform #1, past the Ulhas river, or gutter, or whatever it is.

Sindhi name attracts Sindhi crowd. The whole crowd is bifurcated into Sindhi crowd and the “others”. Trespassing from one group to another can have grave side-effects. The whole crowd is dressed for Diwali, every single day.

Unlike those other colleges in town whose ‘campus’ consists of one building and 2×3 square foot of land, CHM has a big campus to boast of. Huge grounds that double as venues for University sports events and of late, the campus is also starting to resemble a full-fledged garden topped off with a water fountain.

A dirty, claustrophobic and stuffy room where they churn out the most delicious Chinese food ever tasted by mankind. However, indulge in the food from the canteen at your own risk.

Apart from the huge campus and the ‘katta’, you also see couples cuddling and coochie-cooing in the secluded parts of the Ulhas station, expertly dodging the TCs too.

Extra Currics
Chandi, the intra-college festival, happens every year in December. It sees people dressed for weddings on each one of its three days. The sports department of our college is hyperactive with most of the students enrolling for sports in an attempt to avoid attending lectures. As mentioned earlier, with huge grounds, we also host many University inter-college sports events.

A big plush reading room that is also a library is equipped with 6-7 defunct ACs. People come into the reading room to do everything but study, and in the hope that sometime someone will turn one of those ACs on.


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