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SK Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce

S. K. Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce

Also known as: Vinay Mindar

The Location: Whenever you see more cows than vehicles you know you are in Vidyavihar.

The Crowd: A mixed breed of Kyunki and Friends types.While one group of students can stop discussing about the latest happenings in the K-serials, others wont stop drooling over Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt.

The Campus: A five storeyed structure hosting everything from a primary school to a college offering BA, BCom, BSc-IT, BMM and BMS to name a few. By the time you finish your studies there will be very few classrooms in which you have not have sat for lectures.

The Faculty: some consider themselves as the baap of all subjects and act like a educated scholar, boring the students on every topic except the one they have been alloted.
Other becharas are so lenient that the students keep leg-pulling them & force the profs to run away.

The Canteen: A place where all sorts of people can be seen. Some come early in the morning to complete their journals while others are waiting for their boring lectures to get over. Interestingly the girls are allowed to enter the boys section but it is never the other way round.

The Hangouts: The paan-beedi shop, popularly known as the ‘tapri’, where aggarbattis are burnt and ‘puja’ is held every morning, afternoon and evening. Some also frequent the Landmark restaurant, where they only order a Jumbo vada pav (Rs 5) as the other items are too heavy on their pocket.

The Makeout Spots: You’ll find them in empty classrooms, in last benches of the canteen, and every dark corner on campus.

The Fests : An annual inter-college fest where colleges unheard of come to participate. Among the competitions include poetry writing, singing, pot designing, general quiz, etc.The JAM sessions are constantly marred by the Event Organisers who keep big-bossing: don’t sit here, don’t stand there, don’t do this , don’t do that , etc etc…

– SKSite

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