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Shikaar-The Hunt for Media Talent’10

Shikaar – The hunt for Media Talent – is being organized by the B.M.M students of Smt. M.M.K College of Commerce and Economics to handpick the best talent among media students around Mumbai. It is an initiative not only to showcase the talent among outstanding BMM students, but also to give them an exposure to the best media companies through internships as prizes. Shikaar has been scheduled for the 15th, 16th and 17th of Jan 2010.

A media talent hunt – the first of its kind – Shikaar-The Hunt for Media Talent not only exposes the Media students to the real world but also helps them with creative opportunities. Various parts of media have been tapped in the respective events taking place in Shikaar-The Hunt for Media Talent. “The various events have been designed and conceptualized in such a way that they will raise the bar of creativity and professionalism for the students, giving them a feel of how the media actually functions” says Mr. Shiv Bhasin, Founder and President of Shikaar-The Hunt for Media Talent. Thus, students winning these events will come out as true winners, efficient to earn an internship and also succeed and grow in their respective field.

Shikaar-The Hunt for Media Talent will not only function as a catalyst to give the students a feel of the functioning of media, but also, bring about a change in the ideology of a college event. The idea of a talent hunt is to hunt down the best of talent by challenging the students to an extent where they attain their maximum potential and honor them with placements and prizes to motivate them to accomplish a higher prospective in the future. This is exactly what Shikaar-The Hunt for Media Talent is about and this is precisely where it stands different from other college events.

For more information visit our website < a href='http://www.shikaar.org' target=_blank>www.shikaar.org

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