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She Loved The Devil: Ek Villain

Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor) cracks PJs stopping every other person in the movie, ‘Ek joke sunaoon’ she says. She had a deep impact on the little bit of working brain that I was left with after watching the film. So here I go too, Ek joke sunao?
“Mohit Suri’s newest film is the most original, most brilliantly written revenge saga every made in any form of film-making ever seen. I clapped at the awesomeness he was able to show in the 2 hour 10 minutes of run-time. There is not even a single part of the film that will remind you of the Korean classic ‘I Saw The Devil.’
I know you didn’t laugh at that. The reason being my latest meet with the colossal wreckage that was screened in the theaters this Friday. What went wrong? Pretty much everything.
Mohit Suri’s formula is pretty simple. Buy a CD of a foreign language film ask his writers to dumb it down to Bollywood’s level with – a heartbreaking love story, an item song, heavy dialogues (which look heavy only on paper) and a super-hit music album. The thing is Mr. Suri doesn’t know the varied range of films the internet using audience watches these days and copying from a bloody classic that actually redefined revenge films is the most heinous crime any film-maker can ever commit.
There is not denying the fact that Shraddha Kapoor is beautiful. She could light up the whole screen with her smile. But once she opens her mouth you feel like stuffing a handkerchief in her mouth chocking her to death. I feel that would make a better story than what Mr. Suri has conceived here.
Quite like Aisha’s character who is busy busy ticking off items from a to-do list, I too had a small wish-list for Mr. Mohit Suri going into Ek Villain.
1. Please copy the entire film and don’t Bollywoodize it.  2. Don’t give me back-stories of any of characters. 3. Have a very minimalist set of dialogues for the characters and focus on the revenge quotient.  4. Don’t make me feel sympathetic for every single person in the movie, including the bad guy.
The reason why none of the above wishes are being ticked-off is because, none of them were fulfilled. We see the director taking off essential plot-points from ‘I Saw the Devil’ and tangle them around a web of crappy – bad-guy turning good, bubble-girl making people happy, a bad guy with wife issues – cliches. And to top them off we have nearly 1 and a half hour of back story to feel for the characters.
There is a character played by the legend KRK who cracks ‘2 ruppes people’ joke and bursts into laughter on his own. It was an amazing site in the theaters when people were actually laughing at the idiocy of the movie. With everything said and done, I would praise Mohit Suri for he knows how to make the Indian audience sway away to the theaters. He also knows how to use songs in his paper thin narrative. There are a few high-octane moments in the film but they are seldom and are mostly ruined by unnecessary dialogues.
The people associated with the film try a lot but the wholeness of the film is never achieved and soon you start realizing how inconsistent the film is. Sidharth Malhotra is mostly watchable but he hams a lot. The menacing edge that was needed to be present in his character is missing. Ritesh Deshmukh on the other hand is the only saving grace of the film it was amazing to see how he could manipulate the audience with his eyes. Even though he is not as menacing as the antagonist of the original film he tries his level best. The music is amazing as I already said but even that is not worth taking a trip to the theater.
Final Verdict: When I came back home after watching the movie I opened my laptop and watched ‘I Saw the Devil’ again. If you wish to see a classic ruined in the name of character development please go and watch it.

Rating: 1.5/5

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