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maria sharapova
maria sharapova

Sharapova doesn’t know who Sachin is.

Conversation at a Sachin fan’s house;
Oh my god how could she not? She is a sinner. So what if she’s played tennis all her life and there’s no cricket in her country, she should know Sachin, this is a preposterous. We the citizens of God’s (Sachin) own country will avenge it. We will write abusive messages on her Facebook account and will flood Twitter with abuses. some one needs to educate her about Sachin Tendulkar.

Did someone ask who is the captain of Indian Hockey team? Well why should we know? We have just won 8 gold medals in Olympics and some other championships but that way too much earlier before any of us were born. Irrelevant!.

Football? Are you kidding me. We don’t even play that. Why should we promote something that we don’t play? Huh that guy from north east doing something na bas. Please someone throw out this guy for asking stupid questions

Well we should make sure that Sharapova apologizes for not knowing Sachin Tendulkar. We should even form a group and vandalize her Posters and hey! nobody will steal a single poster for his bedroom. If this is not be enough then we will stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar and demand for ban on the telecast of all her matches in India. We will even demand to break all ties with Russia until she apologizes for it. Russia has to apologise.

Who was in India recently? Jim Brown? Now who is that? Greatest American Football Player? So what? He is not bigger than Sachin. He must first choose to play cricket and then talk about it.

Aleksandr who? He was awarded Hero of Russian federation, highest honor in Russia!. So why should Indians know him. Oh he was a wrestler. Doesn’t matter, he should have been a cricketer, and then talk. C’mon now concentrate on the cause.

Few months later..Breaking news:

Russia and United States of America have decided to join hands and strike on India. The reason behind the attack is said to be the anger of their citizens towards an Indian sports star for not knowing the likes of Jim Brown, Aleksadr Karelin and keeping the most of the citizens of India in dark about Michael Jordan. The beginning of the conflict is said to be the “I don’t know who Sachin is” statement by Maria Sharapova. Few months ago it attracted a huge protest which was said to be led by a group of cricket crazy fans.

Conversation on a beach outside India,
These days I hardly get time to tan. I don’t really know and don’t really care about India. I mean I cant be responsible for some war in some place I hardly know. I am not God and excuse me I need to get my tan. It’s good for tennis you know.

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