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Shania NC@MMK, Mumbai

Designer turned politician Shania NC of the BJP visited MMK College on the 28th of September.No she was not there to observe the latest fashion trends amongst the youth; instead she was trying to attract the young voter to go out and vote for her. I wonder if she knows that forget going out to a voting booth and waiting in long queues for hours together, students don’t even vote for their own class representative. When I spoke to her she sounded extremely confident about winning and kept insisting (don’t all politicians before elections?) that she is going to address all the problems faced by the youth in her constituency. Will she win? Will students actually vote? If she wins will she really do anything for the youth? Hmmmmm wouldn’t be able to tell you all that
since I am no astrologer and a mere JBC!!!!

– Yogesh Chabria, JBC, MMK

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