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vivek chandra ringtone
vivek chandra ringtone

IIT’an Ban Gaya Film Star

The glitz and glamour of cinema attracts all. But the idea of an aeronautical engineer from IIT, entering the world of cinema can never cease to astonish us.
Vikas Chandra, who just passed out of IIT Madras is one such example. Having bagged a role in Santosh Parlawar’s Telugu movie “Ringtone”, slated to release in July 2013, he is all set for filmdom. Ringtone is a love story with coating of comedy.

Read on to learn his thoughts in his own words.

Tell us about the movie ‘Ringtone’

It’s a romantic comedy, the plot revolves around three college students (aha!) who have been deprived of love and are ready to do anything to get into a relationship. They meet three girls and all fall in love at first sight!.Chandra Mohan, Suman Shetty, Chitram Seenu, and Fish Venkat. The love tracks are intertwined with the comedy track to develop the plot and finally end in a conclusion that all three female leads happily commit to their male leads only after an anti-climax!

Tell me something about your role in the movie

My characterisation is more of an innocent, rich guy “Kittu” who values friendship more than love and sometimes goes clueless on what to do. He is a kind of person who would go about doing anything for his friends simply because they are the world to him.

Do you identify with this character in any way?

Yes, I think I do. In real life too, I am an innocent and caring person who tends to worry more about others than myself. Hence, even after being a debutante, my acting seemed pretty natural as I could easily relate with the character.

How was it facing the camera for the first time? Were you nervous or outright scared?

I was obviously nervous. I remember the first day of my shoot when I was to be in the front of camera for my introduction scene., I tried to stay cool and wanted to believe that I could pull it off as it was a simple scene, having me to approach Angel (female lead). The first take was bad, I literally went out of focus. After that, I was inStruCted by my director about the requirement of the scene. I kept trying, but I still couldn’t do it. I was so nervous by then! But my director, he kept his cool and after certain takes, we eventually completed the scene.

From second day onwards, I did not take more than 2 takes for any scene.

Your co-stars are already a known name in industry. Were you intimidated by their presence?

Yeah, I felt horribly new. But as the shooting progressed we started knowing each other and were at ease.

But yeah, I was worried about working with Suman Shetty as he is a well-known personality. But he is one of the most down to earth human beings I have ever come across. We had a good chat about the movie and characters. That’s all it took to separate me from my nervousness. He made us all feel comfortable in his presence.

Tell me something about your life at IIT Madras.

IIT was fun and will always be a major influence in my life. We at IIT learn from congregation of best minds and hence are prepared to face any challenge that life throws at us. We develop an eye for details and perfection. We understand the necessity of every task assigned and thus work hard to achieve, which can be pretty much a success sutra for any endeavour in life.

Aeromodelling IIT Madras.jpg 1

Aeromodelling IIT Madras.jpg 1

And most importantly, you meet different people belonging to different states and cultures with their set of idiosyncrasies and you make some unforgettable friends.

You are an IIT pass out and probably have a very secure future awaiting you. Why this sudden interest in cinemas then?

As I mentioned before I would actually want to be more than one person. In simple terms, a single job bores me. Today I am an analyst but I am more of an adventurer and want to experience different facets of life. I was interested in becoming a pilot followed by aerospace engineer. Cinema would be a great excuse to experience diversity.

Have you signed any other film?

No, not yet. But I am in talks.

How did you end up getting the role?

IT happened one day after my college. A family friend of ours, who was into the production business, met me and thought of me as a hero material! He asked me if I was interested in movies,and he also persuaded my parents. Soon after, I was called by Santosh Parlawar and after looking at my photographs, he considered me suitable for the role.

So, where do you picture yourself after 10 years? An engineer, doing 10 to 12 hours shift or, a star?

Future is Unforeseeable but I want to be a Star with multitude of personalities.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever experienced it?

Yes I do believe in love at first sight, but it seldom happens…. I mean it would be great to experience it…I am not exactly sure……

Did you have any girlfriend at IIT Madras?


What? Any crush? Or perhaps, crushes?

(Laughs) Yes, I had few, you could say.

What kind of student were you at IIT Madras?

I used to be very enthusiastic kind of student who happened to be very popular for his hairstyle. I had participated in various kind of extra-curricular activities and even started a hobby club. I used to learn Martial Art Hapkido and was a Proshow coordinator at Saraang( IIT Madras annual cultural Fest). I even handled shows by OPETH, Shobana, Sonu Nigam, Lillete Dubey and others. I always wanted to keep myself occupied and hence took part in many extra-curricular activities. I was even a part of the team that hosted IIT Idol, something that happened for the first time ever. In tech activities I won second prize in ‘Junkyard Wars’ competition, at Shastra, our tech fest.

With Shobana

With Shobana

Do you have any role models in film Industry?

My role model has been Nagarjuna since my childhood and recently, Surya (Tamil). I like their styling and the type of characters they play. My all time favourite happens to be Aamir Khan. I have grown up watching his movies. His work rules my imagination.

What do you think of the movie 3 Idiots?

AS the movie was an adaptation of the book 5 point someone, let me clarify that life at IIT is nowhere close to the way it was depicted and it’s only fictional. Though they made changes to the movie version, I think some of the events were overdone. I mean, no student can just challenge the professor.

We have many more things to talk about but will leave it for later.

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