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Saving Mr. Banks

The movie is based on the true story of the author of Mary Poppins – Mrs. P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) who is very reluctant to sell the movie rights to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). The film is about why she isn’t interested in giving away the movie rights of her book to Mr. Disney. The movie shows us why the story of Mary Popins is so dear to her, also tells us how this story somehow relates to her past. We also get a simultaneous flashback about Mrs. Travers as a little girl and her relationship with her Father (Colin Farrel). We see how these two stories are mashed together.
I heard this movie had a really good buzz about it. Obviously because it had two talented lead actors. Emma Thompson is just too good here. She plays this extremely uppity and annoying woman , someone no one would like to be around with. She has a problem with anything anyone every does. She is so uptight that people know her answer to anything they do will be a ‘NO’. We see Paul Giamatti playing her driver , and its through him that we see that there is a positive side to this women too. We get to see the reason for her being so uptight and also the reason why the story is so dear to her.
Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney. Am at a point in my life when I can never say anything bad about this actor. Yes , he is that great. But frankly speaking this is not his film. Emma Thompson steals every single scene even though it has the mighty Tom Hanks in it. I think she should win an Oscar for this , she was my favourite lady lead after Sandra Bullock in Gravity.
There were times in the movie when it was a bit too cliched , melodramatic and emotional. The back-story was actually pretty emotional exception for a few scene which in my opinion went a little bit too cheesy.
Collin Farrel as her childhood father was just too good. I never thought he could be this good. Probably his best acted role ever. But the reason why the movie worked is Mr. Disney and Mrs. Travers trying to make a movie together. It was really entertaining seeing the characters making a movie out of the book, or at-least trying to do it.
The film felt a bit too long , I mean like 10-15 minutes longer than it should have been. It had a lot of touching scenes. One particularly which I remember was between Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson , where the happy go lucky Mr. Disney recites the story of his childhood.
Final Verdict : This movie was made with utter care and humility. The production value were terrific too. A fun family movie. Deserves a watch.
Rating : 3.5/5

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