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Screw the elections in the US! Screw the Sensex! Why does no one care about the Writers Guild of America strike?

God! Why don’t people see that this could mean the end of civilization as we know it! Without House MD, CSI, Family Guy and other such rocking TV shows we are slowly dropping back into the entertainment Stone Age.

(The writers are on strike citing a number of demands including a bigger cut from DVD revenues and all new media including the internet and mobile and so on.)

And if you think writers aren’t important in TV shows I suggest you hit the idiot box in the evening after work/college and catch some of that original Jay Leno. No offense Jay, but you really, really need your writers back. (Leno sucked a little.)

At one time it looked like the strike might go on forever. But just last week the strike organizers said that they will go back to the negotiating table with the big, evil Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

A resolution, we believe, is due in weeks to a month.

Please pray to your respective gods to make it happen.

I really, REALLY want my regular TV back.


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