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Sati Savitri – extinct species

Maybe I never met any ‘kind’ girl in my life. Maybe I never dated a kind girl or maybe there aren’t any kind girls left on earth. And if they’re present then it’s tough to get to them or find them as they are a rare form. If you are one of those looking for this rare Sati – Savitri, read on.

In today’s terms Sati-Savitri is one who never argues with her guy, who lets her guy live in some space, who doesn’t bitch, who doesn’t force emotionally her boyfriend to buy some expensive things for her, who never asks for money, who doesn’t quit talking on not remembering some specific days like first date day, first kiss day and all.

If you ask me then I’d say that you’d have to search hard to get such a girl otherwise just make do with Ramayana’s Surpanakha or Ekta Kapoor’s vamps. And searching those type of girls is as tough as searching any treasure.

Every single guy has these kind of girl problems, but the problem is once they get a Sati-Savitri, they don’t want to lose her. Well this is the only reason why you’ll also not get these girls single or ready to mingle as they love deep commitments. They will never leave you until and unless any serious problems occur, e.g family problems.

You’ll never see them in discos and pubs because mostly they don’t come out of their houses and if they’re coming then it must be important. They carry a fear of getting transform to ‘anti sati savitri’ and that’s why they also don’t hang out very much. Basically it’s your luck if you get that kind of a girl.

Well I never got any, even after searching in temples and libraries. Whosoever I got, either was in a serious relationship or didn’t want to get into any relationship complications. So by end I had to pick the odd ones as I didn’t want to be counted among those guys who live with their single status but show that they are happy being single. Everyone wants to be in a relationship. It’s something like it’s OK in not having money in your pocket but not OK if you are not having a girlfriend.

Though you can wait for that ‘kind’ girl if you have the patience, but you may lose all chances to have a girlfriend if you wait and keep on searching for one who maybe doesn’t even exist or is hidden somewhere.

But hey! wait! I’m not saying that other girls are ‘killers’. They’re also good, infact better than the sati-savitris but only in looks not from the ‘top floor’. There’s nothing wrong if I say that every girl is a kind girl. Every girl wants her guy to take care of her, never get bored of her and never leave her and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in it. But what is wrong here is to check on his boredom, check on how much he can take (care of you) and keep on blocking his space so that he doesn’t get a single chance to leave you.

And basically these things force a guy to think out of the box instead of making them love you more.

Maybe it’s right that we can’t understand women as they’re the most complex creatures on earth. But until and unless you open up how can we even try to understand you?!

Now by reading this article, I know many girls are going to abuse me as they think that they’re quite the ‘kind’ types. And if the kind types do exist, then please contact me. I’m not at all bad in looks, I don’t drink and smoke and moreover I’m also getting a job… in short… try me, I also am the extinct species in guys; the Shrawanputra.

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