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Samsung Metal Series SGH D900i

A beauty of a phone with a great camera. But wait a while before you buy it says Sapan Verma

Great camera, good sound quality, amazing width and weight – all for just 10 grand? Did you pass out? Well, even I almost fainted when I heard the price. I first saw this phone with a friend who bought it in Dubai.

Measuring a measly 12.9 mm, this sexy slide-up, as it is called, weighs just 93g. What’s more, it has cutting-edge looks, a metallic body and a 240×320 pixel screen which shows 256K rich colors. The keypad is very spacious and easily navigable. Camera cover is not needed since the camera lies behind the screen under the slider. The 3MP camera with 4x digital zoom, autofocus and flash gives the competitors a thorough run for their money. It’s a tad slow, but the image quality is very good thanks to the autofocus. The flash could have been better though.

Music on headphones is above average – but needs some more bass. Sadly, there is no scope of using any other headphones as there is no 3.5mm (or even 2.5mm!) jack present. Only Samsung headphones work. Loudspeakers practically don’t exist, as the same speaker which is used for answering calls is used for playing music. So the sound volume is very, very low. The internal memory is a good 60MB. The phone comes with a microSD slot for plugging in a memory card, which is not included in the package though – cost-cutting perhaps?

Connectivity is through Bluetooth. The phone is certainly not perfect – slow web browsing and low battery backup are irritants.

The Good: Meticulously designed, decent camera, appropriately priced

The Bad: No 3.5mm jack, no wifi, no
document or txt file viewer

The Worst Bit.: The price of the phone outside India is around Rs. 10,000. But it’sbeen launched in India for Rs.14,899. Excuse me but then it’s no longer value for money. Scour the grey market or wait for the company to drop prices. It will happen soon enought, I’m sure!

Sapan Verma

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