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Royal College, Mira Road

U know U R in Royal College, Mira Road when:

– You wonder what is so ROYAL about the college.

– You often get confused between the canteen and the loo.

– You have to remove your shoes outside when entering the Computer Lab as if it was a temple.

– You have to follow almost Taliban style dress code restrictions.

– People give you a confused look if you start talking about Rock music.

– There’s a girl’s school on the college campus.

– A torturous filmi prayer is played everyday after the 12:20 break.

– Professors discourage intellectual stimualtion.

– Most of them dont know what ‘intellectual stimualtion’ means!

– You’re screwed if the princi catches you talking to a girl during lecture hours in the corridors.

– Most of the girls look and dress like Salma Aga and boys like Devang Patel.

– You find rickshawallas eveteasing outside the campus.

– Every year, the most pouplar club trophy goes to the ‘Hiking club’.

– Even the peon has powers to confiscate your ID if you are late or caught bunking.

– Outside every classroom there is a THANK YOU notice to that someone who donated money to build the room.

– A date is something you write in your book on the left hand side of the page.

– Its normal to see dogs barking and pigeons mating, during lectures.

– ‘Friendship Day’ is banned!

– Vaibhav Wankhede

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