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Rooney goaling Wild

Manchester United’s most celebrated player, Wayne Rooney has the reputation of being the angry young man and the wild horse. Pooja Bhula scrutinises the scandals

When he joined Man United, use of abusive language and fouling, were common complaints against him. Team manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been successful in changing Rooney’s conduct, but Colleen clearly hasn’t.
In 2004, Sunday Mirror exposed him in a sex scandal; he blamed his actions on immaturity and youth. Rooney got away scot-free because the couple wasn’t committed back then.

Wonder what excuse he has this time?

His recent linkage with prostitute, Jennifer Thompson, was unexpected after his claims of wanting to be a ‘Role Model’ to his son. Fans across the world are stunned by the revelation and JAM is here to tell you what the youth think of it.

Amar Manda (22): “It’s very dissappointing, but temptation is difficult to resist with so many women throwing themselves at him. As fans, we don’t want his or the team’s performance to
be affected.”

Jinit Mehta (24): “It’s very normal. When Ashley Cole can cheat on Cheryl Cole, a British style icon, then who is Colleen. The team is very supportive of each other and thus, will stick together, but the manager will intervene.”

Not happening

Vibha Luhadia (21): “Its disgusting; he looks the innocent types but obviously he’s not. People really look up to him, what a jerk.”

JAM says: Don’t score on the wrong field, Rooney.

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