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River God by Wilbur Smith-Book Review

A true story weaved in fiction about the rise and fall of the ancient Egyptian Empire. Taita – the eunuch slave and narrator of this captivating tale – is one of the finely carved characters in literature. He is the caretaker, friend, philosopher and guide of princess Lostris – the daughter of the Lord Intef.

Taita worships the princess like a Goddess and she in turn, loves and dotes upon him. He is no ordinary slave – a visionary, alchemist and one who knows how to summon the powers of the other worlds. He invents the first carriage, tames the first horses and designs the mazes of tombs.

Lostris is in love with Tanus, a soldier. Taita, Lostris and Tanus, together face rise and fall of the greatest empire. They meet the wrath of the warlike Hyksos, are compelled to leave the land they love, but return in triumph to reclaim their lost home. Lostris’ marriage to the Pharaoh of Egypt, who is without an heir, does not end her love for Tanus. Their love turns into the strength to fight for their kingdom and retrieving their lost pride.

The good news is, this book has sequels – The Seventh Scroll and Warlock and they are as gripping as the novel. Read this book to drown in the power of a good story. A must, must, must read.

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